Fresh Sounds Open Ears: Episodes 5 & 6 May, 2021

Canadian composer Juliet Palmer in conversation with Alex Eddington. Check out other episodes in the podcast here!

Episode 5 (May 5, 2021): Part 1

Today, Juliet Palmer and I talk about her most collaborative composition projects with community arts organizations, children’s choirs, youth orchestras, high school students and professional musicians alike.

Somehow we got onto swapping stories about musical page turning in high-pressure situations and that was the best place to leave off. Are there really page turning competitions somewhere in the world? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter because I am *certain* that they must exist, but can’t find them.

Fresh Sounds / Open Ears is an interview podcast about composition and music education, hosted by composer Alex Eddington. Every episode, I have a conversation with a different Canadian composer – with a focus on their writing for/with young and amateur musicians.

Video/Audio of Juliet’s music and projects mentioned in the podcast:

Gregory Oh’s video interview with Juliet Palmer and Ian Cusson about the Unsilent Project (with National Youth Orchestra of Canada, Michael Greyeyes and Falen Johnson
Burl (solo piano)
Round the Table (Jumblies Theatre)
Like an Old Tale (Jumblies Theatre)
Quarry (Continuum, Jumblies Theatre, soprano Sarah Albu)

Namedropping pick-up zone! (organizations and people mentioned):

Jumblies Theatre – Artistic Director Ruth Howard, Gather Round Singers, Choir Director Shifra Cooper
Community Arts Guild – Artistic Director Beth Helmers
VIVA Singers – Artistic Director Carol Woodward Ratzlaff
David Fallis (conductor)
St. Lawrence String Quartet

Episode 6 (May 19, 2021): Part 2

In the latter part of our conversation, Juliet Palmer and I zeroed in on a specific recent project with Toronto’s highly collaborative Element Choir, their leader Christine Duncan, and Continuum Contemporary Music. We also discuss Urbanvessel (Juliet is the founder and Artistic Director), thethe surprising music that she is making at home for fun, and the birds of New Zealand who star in their own daily radio spot.

Video/Audio of Juliet Palmer’s music and projects mentioned in this episode

Choreography of Trauma (The Element Choir, Continuum Contemporary Music) *excerpt in podcast
Ukiyo: Floating World at the 2019 Ongaku Festival (Urbanvessel, Thin Edge New Music Collective) *excerpt in podcast
The Homing Project (Urbanvessel)

Namedropping pick-up zone! (organizations and people mentioned):

James Rolfe (composer)
Continuum Contemporary Music
The Element Choir leader Christine Duncan
Musicworks Magazine interview with Christine Duncan about The Element Choir

And finally:

An archive of The Birds on Radio New Zealand, whose songs have been broadcast every day before the Morning Report – for the last 40 years.


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