dancers Miko Sobreira and Karen Kaeja balance on an enormous sculptural steel wall


site-specific collaboration for 2 percussionists & 7 dancers [18’] 1999.

Commissioner: Bill James & Chiyoko Slazvnics, Art in Open Spaces
Funder: The Laidlaw Foundation
Premiere: Pam Johnson, Karen Kaeja, Juliet Palmer, Sara Porter, JoAnna Powell, Rick Sacks, Miko Sobreira, Teena Walker & Julia Wyncoll, Water Sources 2, Art in Open Spaces, Toronto, Canada, July 23, 1999.
Credits: choreography/co-direction Karen Kaeja; music/co-direction Juliet Palmer.

Program note:

Cocktail was conceived in the turbulent waters of “Salmon Run”, Susan Schelle’s evocative and erotic sculpture situated in the fountain between the Skydome and the CN Tower. Due to a last-minute city permission battle, Cocktail was reworked for Bernie Miller’s “The Poet, The Fever Hospital” sculpture in Metro Square.  

In the fluid medium of water, music becomes visible and dance audible. Friction and subtle encounters provide soundscore and movement bedrock. Dancers meet, bringing sound to life.