Abstract minimalist painting in white and black with a tinge of hot pink. A grid of lines and spaces. A CD cover.

11 Frames: Andrew Beer | Sarah Watkins
Rattle Records D093 2019

Contemporary works for violin and piano.

” The most experimental composer is expat Juliet Palmer, her intriguing small excesses painting a widening aural space.” — Elizabeth Kerr, The Listener Best Classical Albums of 2019.

CD cover for Juliet Palmer's album rivers

Juliet Palmer: rivers
Barnyard Records 2018

“The six tracks on Rivers explore a lot of things a human voice can do when it’s set free from expectations. Palmer enlists a group of lead singers including Laura Swankey, Alex Samaras, Aki Takahashi, and Christine Duncan, plus a host of background vocalists, to follow her starkly beautiful compositions along their meandering paths.”

— Musicworks Magazine

CD cover for Toca Loca's album P*P

Centrediscs / Centredisques 2009

“Juliet Palmer’s Five riffs on a song by Alanis Morissette, sending up pop’s insistence on repetition by writing canons that step on each other’s heels.” — Robert Everett-Green, The Globe and Mail

“In the oft-hermetically sealed world of new music, popular music is ridiculed and reviled. On P*P, it’s robustly relished and celebrated. Here, a dozen pieces from the realms of indie rock, avant jazz and elsewhere are performed with gleeful abandon by trio Toca Loca…It’s great to hear new music experts let their hair down.”
-—Glen Hall, Exclaim! Magazine