A Dialogue between Dr. Salomé Voegelin & Juliet Palmer

Western Front: Echoic Chamber

February 9, 2018

Radionz September 2013

Orchestra Wellington composer-in-residence and soprano soloist preview Sunday’s concert: ‘La Donna Ideale’.

From Upbeat on 05 Sep 2013

Radionz June 2012

Current Jack C. Richards-Creative New Zealand composer in Residence at the New Zealand School of Music.
From Upbeat on 22 Jun 2012


Radionz April 2012

New Zealand-born composer Juliet Palmer has written operas about boxing and nuclear fission, and is currently the NZ School of Music’s Composer in Residence.

From Nine To Noon on 24 Apr 2012

Radiozn August 2011

NZ composer, back from Canada to be this year’s New Zealand School of Music Composer in Residence.

From Upbeat on 05 Aug 2011

Radionz May 2011

NZ Composer returning from Toronto next month to take up position as NZSM Composer in Residence.

From Upbeat on 27 May 2011

Radionz January 2008

Toronto based New Zealand composer gives us a‘Postcard Home’from Canada.

From Upbeat on 25 Jan 2008